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Starting a KCLI Campus

Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute has an affiliate program that enables churches and ministries to operate a KCLI campus at their location globally. KCLI is a powerful tool that brings Kingdom training anywhere and everywhere through DVD courses in Theology, Biblical Studies, Leadership, Christian Counselling and Wealth Creation.   Our Faculty will provide hands on training for Leadership, Wealth Creation and to develop Christ Centred Inner Healing Centres at local Churches and Ministries. 

Churches and Ministries will be able to strengthen their vision and mission by developing stronger Kingdom-minded leaders who will not have to interrupt their family, ministry and work life to study to earn a degree, certification or to do general studies for continuous increase in personal value. 

 In addition, Pastors and Ministers will be able to earn another source of income to do more with more. For more information or to request an Affiliate Campus package please email

KCLI Affiliate Campuses are now in Canada, North and South America, Asia, Africa.

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