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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is CLI affiliated with a certain denomination
No, we are interdenominational.

2. Who may join CLI?
CLI welcomes anyone who desires to study for self- development and spiritual empowerment.  We believe that "Every Believer Is A Leader".  Our well- rounded curriculum includes Theology and Biblical Studies, Leadership, Prophetic Training, and Christian Counselling.

3. What is the requirement for admission?
Students must either be a high school graduate or apply for admission as an adult learner.

4. Will CLI credits be accepted by another school?
This all depends on the school.  No school has to accept credits from any other school. CLI courses are accepted by some schools.

5. Is CLI Accredited?
Chayil Leadership Institute is accredited by Accredited Commission International (ACI) with a membership of over 300 schools, colleges, universities, and theological seminaries in 39 United States and 8 countries of the world.  ACI is the world's largest non-governmental accrediting body that holds as its primary objective the encouragement and maintenance of sound scholarship and the highest academic achievement in the areas of private education.  ACI also does accreditation for Specialized Schools that teach non-religious subjects and offer the MBA and MPA programs. It is a non-governmental body.

6. What are the academic qualifications of the CLI Faculty?
CLI Instructors have Master and Doctoral degrees.  They are equipped and teach with passion their specialty and experience.

7. Will CLI accept credits from another school?
Your total education, training and ministry experience will be assessed and credits granted towards your CLI diplomas.  Each student may apply for an Evaluation of Prior Learning for only $30 and credits awarded accordingly.

8. Do you give credit for ministry experience?
Yes.  Consideration is given towards ministerial experience for qualified individuals.

9. When may I begin my CLI Studies?
You can begin now.  Our CLI Online School provides you with the flexibility to begin at any time. You can enroll at any time throughout the year at your convenience online courses are  always available. Online enrollment process is easy

10. How long does it take to complete a degree?
This depends entirely upon you. The program is done at your pace.

11. At what age can I enroll in the school?
At 18 years old and up.

12. Can I take CLI courses without taking exams?
Yes you can, for personal self development as a forever learner. However, without taking exams a student would be unable to accumulate credits towards a diploma or degree. You can request a Certificate of Participation.

13. Do I have to attend graduation?

No. CLI can mail your diplomas to you.

14. How will CLI Courses enhance people who are already in ministry?

People in ministry need constant self-development and training to effectively influence the people they are trying to reach.  Our curriculum trains ministers to understand the language of the business and professional world for effective leadership.  The Church must be relevant and its leaders current to lead this generation while preparing for the next. We are called to be forever learners. 

15. How can CLI enhance professional or business people?
"Continuous Education" is a requirement for most organizations and companies for their staff. As you complete courses receive Certificates, you will position yourself for greater excellence and promotion.  Our program on Leadership will train and equip you in leadership and professional strategies. Through networking with international students you will have opportunities for ministry connections globally.

16. Once I become an enrolled student at CLI, will I be able to obtain an official transcript when needed?
Yes.  Students may request an official transcript from the Administration office by submitting a completed official transcript request form with a fee of $10.00 for each  copy requested.  Once the request has been submitted, the process will be completed within 30 days.

17. How can my degree from CLI qualify me for Licensing as a Christian Counsellor or Ordination as a Pastor?
Completion of your theological and counselling training from CLI will be a very positive and important criteria to the organization/ordination body from which you are seeking ministry credentials.  Completion of CLI Christian Counselling Courses can qualify you to become a Christian Counselling Minister in professional organizations, ministries, and counselling associations in some nations.  They might require additional special courses and other requirements.

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