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tech requirements

Recommended Browser Settings

This website is compatible with most modern web browsers, including recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. However, for the current version of Moodle the following browsers are recommended:  


Minimum Version

Recommended Version

Google Chrome



Mozilla Firefox



Apple Safari



Microsoft Internet Explorer


Latest (Internet Explorer 10 is required for dragging and dropping of files from outside the browser into Moodle)


Certain Moodle functions will not work with some browsers. For instance, some display issues were discovered with Moodle in various versions of Internet Explorer.

For Moodle to function correctly, it is recommended that the following requirements be met:

Browser Settings

The following browser settings should be selected:

  • Enable Cookies
  • Enabled Pop-ups
  • Java is installed, up-to-date and enabled
  • Flash Player is up to date

Enable Javascript

  • * Some devices such as Smartboards, certain tablets and PCs with touch screen capabilities may exhibit problems with Moodle's drag-and-drop features.  If you experience problems with such devices, we recommend that you use a desktop computer when you need these features. You can also turn off Javascript in your browser (see below).

Instructions for browser settings are available here:

§  Firefox help:

§  Chrome help:

§  Internet Explorer help

§  Microsoft Edge help

§  Safari help: go to Safari > Preferences. The settings are located on the Security and Privacy tabs.

Note: In most browsers (not Safari), you can make an exception for Moodle if you don't want to use these settings for all websites.

Links to download the latest version

Download Chrome

Download Firefox  

Browser Add-ons

You may find it useful to install the following add-ons if your browser does not already have them:

A PDF Reader

To view PDF files, you need a PDF reader to be installed on your computer. A PDF browser plugin will let you view PDFs in a browser window without opening a separate program.

§  Download Adobe Reader at  The download includes the browser plugin. To install this plugin, follow prompts. 

Adobe Flash Player

Some instructors may post Adobe Flash interactive media or video. To play the media:

Note: Adobe Flash Player is not available for many mobile devices. Adobe is ending support for Flash in 2019.

Last modified: Friday, 25 August 2023, 8:38 PM