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Bible and Theology

Our Bible and Theology Program provides in-depth knowledge of the Word of God and will give you revelation of who God is, His attributes, and His great plan for humanity whom He calls sons and daughters. This great combination will deepen your understanding of God's love, His heart as our Father, the power and working of the Holy Spirit and the great Glory of Christ in you to be His witness. You will serve as an effective leader in your Church, career or business.

Diploma, Degree

·        Diploma of Theology

·         Bachelor of Theology

·         Master of Theology

·         Doctor of Theology

·         Diploma of Ministry

·         Bachelor of Ministry

·         Master of Ministry

·         Doctor of Ministry

·         Bachelor of Divinity

·         Master of Divinity

·         Doctor of Divinity

Course Include:

·         Old Testament Studies

·         New Testament Studies

·          Books of Romans

·         Christian Foundation and Doctrine

·         Harmony of the Gospels

·         Book of marks

·         Books of Wisdom

·     The Voice of God

·         Fruit of the Holy Spirit

·        Book of Acts

·         Evangelism

·         Interpreting the Bible, Hermeneutics


·         Communion with God, The Lord's super 

·     Prophetic training

·     The Prophetic Psalmist

·         Winning the Heart of the King

·         Tabernacle of Moses

·         Christology: The life of Christ


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